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Julie Massucco Kleiner


Julie Massucco Kleiner
Co-founder & Principal Designer

With more than 20 years of experience in the interior design business, Julie Massucco Kleiner began her career working in Manhattan before moving to San Francisco where she specialized in high-end residential projects. After meeting in San Francisco and working alongside one another, Julie and Melissa knew that they would make a great team, and so began Massucco Warner Miller in 2008.

As Co-founder and Principal Designer, Julie works closely with contractors and architects to achieve detailed, cohesive and beautiful designs. A frequent traveler, she draws inspiration from all over the world to artfully blend a mix of styles and periods, ranging from contemporary to elegantly traditional. Julie studied classical design in Florence, Italy and is a graduate of Syracuse University where she earned a degree in Environmental Design. Julie heads MWM’s Seattle Office and works on projects across the country.

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