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Melissa Warner Rothblum


Melissa Warner Rothblum
Co-founder & Principal Designer

After studying both business and interior design, Melissa kick-started her career in San Francisco in 2001 and produced numerous high-profile residential projects in NYC, Miami and San Francisco before joining forces with Julie to create Massucco Warner Miller. As Co-founder and Principal Designer, she brings her business and design skills to each project. Blending good communication with her fresh take on design ensures the final product is beautiful, and the journey to get there is smooth and enjoyable for everyone.  Working on projects ranging from purely decorating to ground up construction, Melissa draws on inspiration from her near decade in San Francisco and travels abroad.

Melissa earned her degree in Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder and her degree in Interior Design from FIDM in San Francisco.  Melissa heads MWM’s Los Angeles Office and works on projects across the country.

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